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Frequently Asked Questions...
Why can't I attend Speed-Flirting alone?

Speed-Flirting is a “Buddy System Event," meaning, Speed-Flirting is designed to work best when everyone brings at least one friend.

Does it matter if the friend I bring is a man or a woman?

Nope. It doesn’t matter if the person you bring is the same sex or the opposite sex or something in between.

Can my Buddy System buddy be my boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Sure! Speed-Flirting is great for couples so, by all means, bring your sweetie, your significant other, your hubby or your wife! Flirting: It's not just for dating anymore!

Does my Buddy System buddy have to be a friend?

No, your Buddy System buddy doesn't have to be a friend. They can be a new acquaintance, a friend of a friend, or a complete stranger. Heck, your Buddy System buddy could even be someone you hate. 

Yeah, why not bring your boss or your landlord? For that matter, consider inviting your least favorite cousin or the police officer who just gave you that parking ticket! You could even bring your Mother-in-Law! How about your ever-nagging sibling? Who knows, if they learned how to flirt, you might like them more... 

As long as you bring someone with you to Speed-Flirting, you're good to go! 

(Of course, if you want to bring your significant other, or your best friend, or the person two cubicles over that you've got a crush on, we think that's great, too!)

Do I have to flirt with the person I bring to Speed-Flirting?


There are no "have to's" at Speed-Flirting, only "get to's." That means you can flirt with as many or as few people at a Speed-Flirting event as you want, including your Buddy System buddy.

Of course, if you are brining a date or your significant other and you intending on not flirting with them at all, you might want to give them a heads up so they can adjust their expectations. Even flirting is about good communication, right? J

Can I bring more than one buddy to Speed-Flirting?

Abso-flirtly! The more the merrier when it comes to flirting. 

I absolutely, positively, really-really-really can't attend solo?... Why all the fuss about bringing a buddy!?!

The one rule of Speed-Flirting is that you can’t attend solo. You must bring someone. Why? Two reasons: 1) ‘Cause it takes at least two to flirt, and 2) and this is the really clever reason... most people feel more relaxed and at ease when they're not alone! 

If everyone brings a friend, then not only are we all guaranteed to have PLENTY of people to flirt with, but... Everyone is a bit more relaxed because they didn't show up alone. Guess what happens then? The whole event ends up being way more fun!

See? We thought of everything!

What if my Buddy System buddy gets sick or cancels on me at the last minute? Can I still attend Speed-Flirting?

Okay, I know we said "must" and we underlined it, but there is one exception... We're gonna make this an honor system thing and say this just once: If your Buddy System buddy bails on you for whatever reason and you can't get a replacement in time, then it's still okay to attend Speed-Flirting, but we're still going to charge you the admission price of two tickets. 

FYI, it's waaaay uncool to say you had a buddy bail just so you can attend, so please don't.

Why are you charging for flirting? Shouldn't flirting be free?

While flirting is free, Speed-Flirting is a workshop designed to help us rediscover all the flirting skills today's culture has darn near beaten out of us. And, well, throwing a workshop costs money. 

Speed-Flirting is also a great place to expand your social network by meeting (and flirting with) new people. In a world were you can have five-gadzillion friends on Facebook and have only met 2% of them, meeting new people face-to-face in a friendly, playful environment has got to be worth something, right?

What if I already know how to flirt?

For those of you who are already shameless filrts, Speed-Flirting is the best place to pick up a few new pointers, hone your playfulness, and exchange a wink and a smile with like-minded flirts. 

What if I'm so bad at flirting that I'm completely beyond help and my experience is horrible?

Whatever your skill level or reason for coming, it's almost impossible not to learn something from attending Speed-Flirting. We know it's an amazing event to attend. So amazing, in fact, that we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee.

You offer a Money Back Guarantee on flirting?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on only the Speed-Flirting part itself. (Sure Speed-Flirting will help you with your flirting out in the rest of the world, but we're not gonna pick up your check if that hot date, or your attempt to flirt your way out of a speeding ticket, doesn't go as planned. Sorry.)

I can attend your whole event and still get all of my money back?

Yep. We're that confident that Speed-Flirting rocks! If you're not completely satisfied that your 2-hour, Speed-Flirting experience wasn't worth the money you and your Buddy System buddy paid, we'll refund all of it, no hard feelings.

So what does the admission price get me and my friend?

The price for attending Speed-Flirting may vary slightly from event to event a little, but we're always going to shoot for making it very affordable, and the fee will always be calculated to cover admission for TWO PEOPLE (that's you and your Buddy System buddy). 

Where does the money go?

The collected fees go toward covering space rentals, advertising costs, the time it took to organize RSVPs and answer people's emails, as well as give the Speed-Flirting facilitator a little sumthin' sumthin' for their time and effort. (We are, after all, offering a service.) 

Flirting is not that hard. Anyone can do this. Why should I pay you?

Speed-Flirting is not a Friday night at your local bar where intoxicated strangers ask you for your phone number, nor is it a flash mob of people hitting on one another. Speed-Flirting is a structured, 2-hour workshop cleverly disguised as a social event with lots of games and tons of useful relationship tools for creating intimacy, overcoming fears, meeting people and being more playful.

Yes, anyone can flirt, but you're paying for things like learning how to overcome shyness and fears of rejection. You also get the chance to meet and practice getting your flirt on with fun, like-minded people at Speed-Flirting.

Ultimately, if you don't think we deserve to be paid for our time, then Speed-Flirting might not be the event for you. And, you always have the option to ask for your money back. We'll always honor that.

What's to stop me from inviting my friends over to my place and running my own Speed-Flirting event?

We want people to start spreading Speed-Flirting events, just not yet! 

You heard us... We want you to, but not today or tomorrow, and not on your own. We want to help you do it. We want to help lots and lots of people to do it, and not just with your friends either. For those of you called to teaching strangers how to flirt and meet new people, we want to help you as well. 

How are you going to help me, and how long are you asking me to wait?

If you want to run Speed-Flirting events yourself, join our eZine/Newsletter so you can be one of the first to know when we release our Throw Your Own Speed-Flirting Kit. We're hoping they'll go to market sometime next year! 

Really? A kit for flirting? Now I've heard everything! This is a scam, right? 

Nope. It's not a scam and, technically, it's not a kit for flirting so much as it's a kit to support anyone who wants to run workshops and social networking events how to throw Speed-Flirting workshops like the ones Reid is running. 

Reid knows how much adults need permission to play these days and how great a forum flirting can be for teaching men and women ways to overcome shyness, feel more socially confident, and just plain meet people and make friends. He's pouring all of his workshop design geekery into Speed-Flirting's design and tweaking it and distilling it so that it's as simple to run as it can be. By taking all of the guess-work out of running Speed-Flirting events and having the website be the listing site for everyone's Speed-Flirting events (as well as a community support center for those who are running events), we figure we can create a grass-roots phenomenon with your help!

Unlike Reid's first creation, Cuddle Party, which ended up being a workshop that one needed to be trained to run smoothly, you -and interested people like you- will be able to run Speed-Flirting events with nothing more than the official Speed-Flirting kit, some desire, support from our website, and your infectious and flirtatious self!

Why isn't the kit available now?

Reid Mihalko's intentions are two fold: One, that Speed-Flirting events be an amazing learning and fun experience; two, that Speed-Flirting be so simple and so clear that anyone who follows the kit can throw one... 

From attendee's testimonials, Speed-Flirting is already delivering, giving people lots of tools and useful approaches to turning any interaction more full of play (flirting!)... However, getting a 2-hour workshop boiled down to it's essence and packaged into kit-form such that anyone can run one successfully... Well, that's taking a little more time and effort and tweaking.

But Reid's isn't running any Speed-Flirting events near where I live and I know I'd be kick-butt at running them! Can't I just start running a few of my own events now and buy the kit later?

No, please don't start running copy cat events on your own. Not only is it not cool, you'll be reinventing the wheel when you can just climb into the car and go!

Seriously, Reid's designing the whole Speed-Flirting module to work on a Creative Commons license and, basically, exist as an "open source" workshop model. We're pretty sure this hasn't really ever been done this way before and, if it works (and Reid is pretty sure it will), it means people will be able to take a well-designed idea and turn it into a pop-culture phenomenon faster than you can talk to a live person via a 1-800-line. All this, plus you won't be stealing anyone's intellectual property! (This will make Reid's lawyer really happy.)

Reid's asking for your help and the first thing you can do for us is be patient.

The second thing you can do is join the Speed-Flirting eZine/Newsletter. 

Believe us, we understand your exuberance. We share your enthusiasm. And the more we can hone this workshop and launch it together, all at once, with everyone using a similar "template" for these events, the stronger and faster we can turn Speed-Flirting into something great! 

How much is the Speed-Flirting kit going to cost?

The Speed-Flirting kit is going to be very affordable and well worth it. We're looking at several price-points: One for people who want to throw events for FREE, a second price for the kit for those who intend on charging money for their events, and -probably- a third price for organizations who want to run Speed-Flirting events. The third would be the most expensive since it's an organization and not an individual, but even then, we're looking at keeping the prices for things waaaaay lower than anything else that's out there. For most people who will buy the kit, it will be less than $100, we hope. Heck, just the education on how to flirt that the kit will provide will be worth that much. I mean, we've got to teach you how to flirt if you're going to lead events for other people on flirting, right?!? 

So, basically, rather than reinvent the wheel, we're asking you to wait for the kit and buy it when we release it and then thorw your Speed-Flirting events. This way, you'll be able to plug into the Speed-Flirting network and phenomenon and media craze and zoom off straight away! 

As we get closer to releasing the kit, we'll let you and everyone know through the eZine, and be selecting a few of you to Beta Test the kit, too, so PLEASE sign up. Thanks in advance!

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